domingo, 20 de março de 2011

Ideas for Ubuntu Unity

The Unity of Ubuntu has improved, we cannot deny, but he can still improveI think some changes are interesting. Below we have a video compilation of some ideas.

Main ideas:
  1. Integrating Unity with the Dock on the top bar of the system.
  2. Larger icons for applications and files.
  3. Set the Docky's bar as always visible and available to auto-hide option.
  4. Refresh the design of Unity with a sleeker design and better icons.
  5. Reduce the number of programs that appear in Unity, because the vast amount of technical items and configuration confuses navigation. These items should go to the system settings.
  6. Applications must appear on separated categories.
  7. There must be a relationship between Unity and Alacarte.
  8. Categories of which there are no applications installed, should not appear, because it confuses navigation.
  9. Suggestions for new applications to be installed should appear only after the user seek and not find the application. The offering for installation without asking is avoided.
  10. The application's section must have Unity applications favorite and most used.
  11. The Unity section application files must have its devices mounted and options, such as "connecting to a server", for example.
  12. In most applications a better design and larger icons would be better.
  13. A simple audio player on the same Unity.

Original layout of the Unity.

Proposal for a new layout for the Unity.

Proposal for a new layout for the Unitythe initial section of the Application and "Find Files". The categories of applications where the user has installed applications should not appear in Unity.
Unity is confused. When "seeking applications", technical options and configuration mix with applications, causing more than 80 items available for the user to choose. All in a non-categorized way.
When viewing the Unity all installed applications, it must appear by category and not all randomly mixed .
The technical options and configuration settings should appear only in the system. And there along with the application when choosing the option to view all applications.

Suggested applications should only appear after a search in which the application is not installed. Installing applications is not a thing to do so often and so randomly, to justify installation sugestions all the timeFor this, we also have the Ubuntu Software Center.

The lens of music, you should see only the categories of musical styles that are present in the user library. The basic controls for manipulating the songs should be present without the need for other programs such as Banshee.